Private Equity & Venture Capital

Private Equity, Venture Capital Firms: Talentfoot helps build teams for portfolio growth businesses

When it comes to recruiting talent to lead and scale high-growth businesses, private equity and venture capital firms have the following goals:

  • Find game-changing leaders that can immediately impact growth
  • Remove the risk of poor hiring decisions
  • Ensure fluency in cutting edge digital strategies
  • Attract the top 10% of producers to their portfolio companies
  • Hire proven players with a track record of success
  • Do all of the above ASAP

Talentfoot is the leading search partner for private equity and venture capital firms seeking top digital marketing, IT and sales talent. We offer significant advantages over other options. Here’s why:


We have been dedicated to digital executive search since its infancy. We know the difference makers in this digital economy—the ones who have scaled profitable businesses by way of marketing—and we will recruit them to join you.


We know the skills and qualities it takes to succeed in key leadership and operating roles and we can readily separate the players from the pretenders (we also administer Hogan Assessments to be extra sure). We sniff out those who have what it takes to burn the midnight oil for a company going places. We’re also exceptional at foreseeing future potential: superstar managers who quickly grow into CMO roles; COOs that can eventually become CEO.


We understand that companies with a less recognizable brand name may face challenges recruiting A talent. We adeptly tell the story of where your company is going and what it will mean for an executive’s career trajectory. We take the time to understand an executive’s key motivators for change and match them with the opportunities that will fulfill their short term and long term goals and interests.


We are independently held, which means no bureaucracy. This frees our time us to get down to business. We also don’t have to work in a prescribed way – we’re flexible and nimble and this allows us to drive efficient results so you can get back to focusing on what you do best.

Sound good? Let’s get started!

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