Hiring Manager

Virtual meeting
The New Rules of Job Negotiations
Think about the way you hired an employee last year. You almost certainly met in person and conducted conversations...
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SaaS Sales Recruiter on the phone
Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Saas Sales Recruiters
What type of jobs had the greatest number of LinkedIn posts in August 2020? You probably won’t be surprised to hear that...
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Women working with baby in her lap
The Scary Future for Women’s Careers and How to Fix It
Think pieces have been written on the topic. Texts have been sent amongst harried mothers. And now,...
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Man looking on phone
Six Simple Tips for an Attention-Grabbing LinkedIn Profile
No matter what your job title, industry, or career aspirations, a LinkedIn profile is a...
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Remember note in a book
How to Improve Your Memory at Work with 3 Simple Tips
A podcast episode has been circulating the Talentfoot team chat. The topic is how to improve...
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Arianna Huffington
Everything You Need to Know about Female Board Member Regulations
The boardroom is beginning to look different than it did just a few years ago. With new laws...
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Remote work from home
3 Ways Remote Work Will Change the Future of Employment
In March, more than 16 million American workers left the office and shifted to remote work. The professional world was...
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Shadow of a person's face
How to Cope with Professional Stress
It’s lonely at the top. Mix in the pressure of leading through a global pandemic...
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Gender sign
How to Explain Gender Neutral Job Descriptions to Your Boss
Do you ever review your candidate pool and wonder why many of the applicants look the same? You might be, unknowingly, advertising jobs that appeal...
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Woman coding on a laptop
Five Tech Hiring Trends in 2020
COVID changed everything employers planned for their 2020 headcount. As we transition into the second half of...
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Don’t Assume Executives will Accept Job Offers. Do This to Seal the Deal.
What entices an executive to leave the safe haven of a job in the middle of...
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sitting and staring at nature
Four Ways to Unplug on the 4th
Let’s take a break.   Over the past few months, we’ve been pushing ourselves to work...
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